CloudBerry Explorer with IBM Spectrum Scale

Steps to enable CloudBerry explorer to use Object Storage from IBM Spectrum Scale

IBM Spectrum Scale 4.2.2 with Object service enabled.
CloudBerry Explorer for Openstack Storage – Build-

  1. Verify IBM Spectrum Scale Object storage is enabled by running following command[root@c1n3 ~]# mmces service list
    Enabled services: OBJ
    OBJ is running

    [root@c1n3 ~]# mmuserauth service list –data-access-method object
    OBJECT access configuration : LOCAL
    PARAMETERS               VALUES
    ENABLE_KS_SSL            false
    ENABLE_KS_CASIGNING      false
    KS_ADMIN_USER            none

  2. Configure the CloudBerry Explorer with IBM Spectrum Scale Object Storage12344
  3. List/Create/Upload objects/Containers using Swift Client[root@c1n3 ~]# swift list

    [root@c1n3 ~]# swift post containerFromWwiftClient

    [root@c1n3 ~]# swift list

    [root@c1n3 ~]# swift upload myFirstContainerFromCloudBerry anaconda-ks.cfg

  4.  View Object/Containers from CloudBerry Explorer


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