Changing Token expiration in Openstack-Keystone

Sometime there is requirement of changing the Token expiration time in Openstack-keystone so that Token remain valid for the longer/shorter time based on requirement.

[root@keystone ~]# openstack-config –set /etc/keystone/keystone.conf token expiration 86400

[root@keystone ~]# service openstack-keystone restart
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart openstack-keystone.service

One can confirm the expiration time is actually changed by getting new token

[root@keystone ~]# date
Tue Oct 6 10:01:37 EDT 2015          #–> Current time 

[root@keystone ~]# source openrc
[root@keystone ~]# openstack token issue -c expires
| Field | Value |
| expires | 2015-10-07T14:01:39.753765Z |         #—-> Token Expiration time 24Hrs from current time


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